what our vision is

sunday worship at 9:00 am
404 levering mill road
bala cynwyd, pa 19004

There are many ways to cast a vision for a church.  Our vision centers around three words that together paint a picture of the kind of church we hope to more and more – by God’s grace – become. 

INVITING.  To be a people who are inviting, and a place where people feel invited.

Our God is an inviting God.  So much so that he would enter our world in human flesh.  Jesus “contextualized” himself within human history so that humanity could really and personally know him.  So great was his invitation. 

As a church we want to extend the invitation of our God.  We want to help people know him! 

And this means not only helping people feel welcomed within our community, but also making sure that what we do as a community is accessible and intelligible. 

BELONGING.  To grow in our belonging to God and to one another

God as Trinity is community – three distinct persons in perfect unity and belonging to one another.  And so as a church – a body of Christ – we long to reflect that belonging in our community. 

We experience belonging when we serve one another and others together, when we know and are being known as friends, and when we grow spiritually through that friendship.  This kind of belonging is not easy; it requires attention and initiative, and both from the church structure and individuals. 

But this desire for belonging is not unique to the church.  As a place of belonging, City Line aims to become a taste of God’s Kingdom for those around us who are longing for deeper community.

WONDERING.  To grow in our wonder about, and our wonder at, God.

The Christian life is a constant upward spiral of faith and repentance.  Everyone, no matter where they might be in their faith journey, comes to a point of wondering about God and what he might be doing.  But God is faithful; he doesn’t leave us at wondering about him.  Instead, he responds and acts in our lives, and leads us from wondering about him to wondering at him… to worship him!

Our vision is to become a place where we can all bring our wonderings.  And this means not being afraid of questions.  Sometimes we want to avoid talking about “spiritual stuff” because that might be offensive or difficult.  But that doesn’t help people wonder.  And other times, the temptation is to feel like we have to have all the answers.  But that doesn’t free people to wonder. 

Our vision, then, is to be a place where we can all wonder about God together, and then wonder at him as he responds to us with his grace and power. 

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